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Everything begins with… puzzle!

Deep in an enigmatic forest you found something extremely remarkable. What is it? An egg! Please take care of it and learn with your new friend by solving puzzles.

Your new friend turned out to be extremely inquisitive – Owlee finds puzzles everywhere: in night sky, trees, fallen leaves! By solving tasks Owl will develop new skills and discover its misterious powers: your friend will advance along a Samsara wheel and  acquire a new look. Owlee also has a hollow boudoir where keeps bizarre finds and… conjures…

How Owl will look after next reincarnation? Solve some riddles to find it out!

Game demo.

We believe

Owlee is designed to improve social intelligence by developing the ability to think logically among people of different ages, professions and social prosperity. Our objective is to build a solid educational system through a network of online communities, web resources, PC and mobile applications.

Owl you need is Puzzle!



Owlee brain game

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Game preview.